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LMAC Building Services

With expertise across diverse sectors, we’ve uplifted local communities, enhanced educational spaces, and crafted residential spaces of luxury and comfort. Our NHS collaborations have yielded premier healthcare facilities, while our Hotels & Leisure ventures blend comfort with elegance.

Helping to build a better future.

LMAC building services originated from CEO Lee McDowell’s visionary mission to deliver successful projects prioritising stakeholder safety and well-being through skilled operational teams. LMAC has swiftly established itself as a premier provider of high-quality multidisciplinary services, overseeing projects comprehensively from pre-construction stages to final handover and ongoing facility management.

Distinguishing our approach is the proficiency of our management team in trade package oversight and efficient work sequencing. Through planning, cutting-edge IT solutions, and a workforce of certified tradespeople, we offer clients a seamless, innovative solution for refurbishment and development needs. This holistic approach positions us as a one-stop destination for comprehensive facility solutions. At LMAC, our commitment to exceeding client expectations regarding cost, time, and quality is ingrained in our ethos. We take immense pride in the robust, trust-driven relationships we’ve cultivated along our journey, underpinned by transparency and mutual respect.

Planned & Responsive Capital Maintenance

Our expertise in these projects equips us with a deep understanding of the need for adaptable and efficient delivery plans in both responsive and planned capital ventures. We recognise the importance of enhancing value by optimising gross lettable space and delivering cost-effective specifications. This is all while carefully considering the total lifecycle costs. Our clientele includes local authorities, private landlords, housing associations, and providers of student accommodation.

As the premier provider of planned and responsive maintenance services in the UK social housing sector, we prioritise safety and peace of mind in every aspect of our operations.

Our services include:

Responsive repairs – Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, gas, roofing, general trade, report coordination, technical support.

Legal disrepairs – Damp & mould treatments, replacement of substandard fixings, Pest control, Electrical faults, Gas & Heating issues, Roof repairs, internal wall damage, glazing, ventilation, external damages.

Voids – Condition surveys, asbestos management, fire damage refurbishment, kitchens & Bathroom, decoration, electrical rewires, heating systems.

Planned Maintenance – external Maintenance, including roofs and windows, fire Safety, kitchen and rewires, major Refurbishment Projects, communal and Domestic Heating and Gas Servicing, domestic Electrical Testing and repairs, mechanical and Electrical services to blocks, conversions, and specialist refurbishment works, environmental improvements to blocks and estates.

Capital Works – Estate improvements, roofing, windows, external walls, rainwater and drainage, communal doors, access control, lifts, communal boilers, external and communal decorations, estate roads and paths, boundary fences and gates, play areas, landscaping.

Developments & Refurbishments

With an expansive breadth of experience across multiple sectors, LMAC demonstrates unparalleled adaptability and expertise. We have left our mark on various industries, enriching learning environments within the education sector, crafting both comfortable and luxurious residential spaces, and bolstering local communities through our impactful projects.

Our collaboration with the NHS has resulted in an understanding in upgrading and maintaining facilities, while our ventures in Hotels & Leisure have given rise to venues that seamlessly blend comfort with elegance. Notably, our development endeavours, particularly in central London and its surrounding areas, have left a lasting imprint on urban landscapes, reshaping the very fabric of the cityscape.

Our diverse portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of projects, Catering to an array of clients, from local authorities and housing associations to discerning private individuals seeking quality and sophistication, we consistently deliver excellence across every endeavour.

Central to our approach is early collaboration with clients, ensuring seamless integration of their vision and our expertise from the outset. Beginning with the initial design phase, we leverage our extensive knowledge to enhance project value, offering innovative and sustainable solutions.

We recognise the value of investing in our workforce, by prioritising the retention and development of our staff, we ensure project consistency and uphold high standards of customer satisfaction. Aligned with our core values and dedicated to excellence, our team embodies a shared commitment to delivering exceptional results with unwavering integrity.

Each project we undertake is tailored individually, focusing on assessing and managing risks to residents and tenants, especially the vulnerable ones. Our Resident Liaison Officers are crucial in this process. They facilitate access to homes, using our procedures for vulnerable residents, and help identify those needing extra communication support. We address access challenges strategically, enabling us to adhere to schedules while ensuring safety and compliance.

We commit to specific response times for emergency works and offer round-the-clock customer support through a dedicated phone line and email. Our skilled team, equipped with a full range of tools in their vans, can swiftly carry out repairs, minimising inconvenience for occupants and ensuring high customer satisfaction.