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Charity & Sponsorships

We take pride in the positive change we are making to peoples lives by our Charity Sponsorships and Events.

We believe in empowering people and making a real difference. At LMAC Group, we ensure that we give back to the community.

Helping to change lives

We are actively involved in backing a variety of local charities, dedicating our resources and efforts to causes within our community. Additionally, we extend our support to several national schemes that resonate deeply with our values and mission. These initiatives, both local and national, are not just chosen for their impact, but also because they hold a special place in our hearts, reflecting our commitment to making a meaningful difference in society. Our engagement with these causes goes beyond mere financial assistance; we strive to be involved in a way that truly amplifies their reach and effectiveness.

Charities we have supported

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Spread a Smile, a charity without government funding, greatly appreciates its supporters’ contributions. Lee and his team chose this charity for a successful football event at Billericay Football Club, marking the beginning of their commitment to support. They’ve witnessed the charity’s positive impact, motivating them to host annual football and golf events, and volunteer activities like Christmas gift wrapping.

Over three years, they’ve raised over £123,427, aiming for a £500,000 target. Their efforts reflect a deep fulfilment in supporting the charity’s mission to bring joy to seriously ill children and their families. Lee and Danny’s dedication is praised by Lucy Jackson, the charity’s CEO, acknowledging their significant role in the Spread a Smile community and expressing heartfelt gratitude for their kindness and support.

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JDRF is a charitable organisation dedicated to conducting research aimed at discovering a cure, developing treatments, and preventing type 1 diabetes. Collaborating with the government, academic institutions, and industry, they expedite research efforts within the UK. Additionally, they engage with healthcare policies to ensure that the results of this research reach individuals with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Beyond research, JDRF provides support to individuals with type 1 diabetes and their families, ensuring their voices are heard.

Our support for JDRF was demonstrated through organising a charity golf event and a raffle.

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Whizz-Kidz is committed to enhancing the lives of disabled children by fostering joy, friendship, and independence. They achieve this by offering a variety of services, including the provision of wheelchair equipment tailored for independent living.

Additionally, Whizz-Kidz organizes clubs, camps, and wheelchair skills training, along with offering work placements. These initiatives are designed to bolster confidence and self-reliance among the children.

Demonstrating support for this noble cause, our Managing Director, Lee McDowell, became part of the Whizz-Kidz team. Marking his commitment, he successfully completed the London Marathon in just over five hours.

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Bobby Moore died at the age of 51. Following his death in 1993, Stephanie Moore MBE established the Bobby Moore Fund to support innovative bowel cancer research through Cancer Research UK.

This time Lee joined forces with DNA Insurance Services to help raise money for this charity by arranging various events and creating a network of business individuals to raise funds.

LMAC are committed to provide social value and improve equality. We work with a number of charitable and voluntary organisations to provide equal opportunities, helping improve lives in the community and getting vulnerable groups back into work. This includes attendance at ‘Building Heroes’ graduations to meet ex-servicemen, providing prospects for them to get back into the workplace.