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LMAC Fire Systems

Leveraging our wealth of experience and specialised knowledge, we have been instrumental in spearheading the enhancement of fire safety systems. Through close collaboration with local communities, educational institutions, and commercial establishments, we have implemented comprehensive measures to strengthen fire safety protocols and infrastructure.

Pioneering advanced fire safety solutions for a safe and compliant future

LMAC Fire Systems delivers an extensive array of services that are fully compliant with the UK’s Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our team consists of highly skilled technicians, each certified by the appropriate UK bodies, ensuring expert installations and maintenance are conducted with precision and adherence to the most stringent safety standards.

Our commitment to fire safety is unwavering, and we continually update our practices to keep pace with the latest advancements in fire safety technology and changes in regulatory frameworks. This approach allows us to offer advanced and customised solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our comprehensive services include the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, ensuring timely detection and response in emergencies. We also specialise in emergency lighting systems, vital for safe evacuations during power outages or fires. A full breakdown of our fire capabilities can be seen below.

We utilise the Bolster System to conduct comprehensive fire surveys, ensuring thorough documentation of all activities. All data is securely uploaded to the cloud for safe storage, including records of potential remedial works. Moreover, the system can accurately map the location of walls, floors, fire-stopped areas, along with associated dates and materials used. Subsequently, the system generates detailed reports to facilitate effective building management and tracking.

Every service we offer is executed with an acute awareness of its importance in safeguarding the well-being of building occupants. By choosing LMAC Fire Safety Systems, clients are assured of a partner who is not only committed to compliance but also dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, and effective fire safety solutions.

We cover every aspect of fire and site safety including:

  • Passive and active fire safety systems
  • Fire Door Installations & maintenance
  • Smoke Ventilation and Detection Systems
  • Fire barriers
  • Fire Dampers
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Full Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Doors

Manufacturers of fire doors are legally required to prove their products can resist fire spread and passage. Yet, improper installation can greatly diminish these fire-resistant properties.

The BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installation scheme ensures that products are installed correctly, guaranteeing their intended performance. This offers confidence to specifiers, contractors, and end users about the effectiveness of their chosen fire safety solutions.

Our Supervisors hold BM Trada certification, covering not just door installations but also door maintenance, fire stopping, and penetration seals. They rigorously inspect and approve all installations by our operatives, ensuring a compliant and reliable service.

Being a member of the BM Trada Q Mark certification scheme assures you of our commitment to quality, with our work regularly evaluated by an independent third-party body.


Ventilation Systems

Ventilation enables the natural movement of air from a building, which aids in smoke extraction during a fire. Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) enhance this process on a larger scale. Various types of AOV units exist, including louvre vents, windows, or smoke shafts that open automatically when smoke is detected by an alarm.

Removing smoke facilitates the safe evacuation of building occupants and eases access for emergency services. We install ventilation systems for our clients.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression systems utilise a substance to extinguish fires and typically include a component that detects fires in their early stages through heat, smoke, or other warning signals.

LMAC has extensive experience in designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning commercial fire sprinkler systems in line with BS EN 12845 and BS9251, as well as following manufacturers’ recommendations for domestic installations.

Emergency Lighting

We understand that while industry standards set minimum safety requirements for emergency lighting systems, each building has unique needs.

Our emergency lighting designs cater to specific building uses and requirements. These systems operate automatically during power failures, providing adequate illumination for safe evacuation.

We collaborate with customers during installation, creating maintenance and training plans. This includes testing equipment and conducting power failure simulations to guarantee system functionality. We also assist facilities managers with regular maintenance and evacuation drill planning for building occupants. Our aim is to reduce danger and prevent panic during emergencies.

Fire Detection & Alarms

We offer an extensive array of customised fire detection and alarm services, tailored to meet the specific safety needs of each property. As AICO trained installers, we specialise in a variety of alarms, including smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail in every aspect of our service makes us a trusted partner in fire safety.

Whether it’s a residential home, a commercial building, or an industrial facility, our team is equipped to deliver high-quality, dependable fire alarm services that adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Passive fire protection is an integral component of the structural fire safety measures within a building and contains or slows the spread of fires. In addition to our Fire Door installation service we offer these solutions:

  • Insulation – we are trained ROCKWOOL installers
  • Fire barriers – we are trained in FIREFLY curtain wall installation
  • Fire Batting
  • Intumescent Painting and Coatings for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Fire Stopping – we are BM Trada certified