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Making a positive impact on our environment.

We continue to further improve our internal processes to help build a more sustainable future for all.

Our environmental impact

Our team is dedicated to minimising our environmental impact and actively contributing to planetary preservation. In our pursuit of this goal, we prioritise innovative material choices to lower both our own and our supply chain’s carbon emissions. Leveraging a wide range of eco-friendly construction techniques, we are committed to delivering sustainable building solutions that align with our clients’ ambitions for zero-carbon operations.

In recognition of our efforts, we have achieved ISO 14001 certification, highlighting our commitment to environmental management. Additionally, we hold ISO 45001 accreditation for Occupational Health and Safety, reflecting our dedication to maintaining high standards. Our integrated management system, encompassing a comprehensive array of processes and procedures, is designed to offer superior service to our clients and their communities.

We take pride in our operational efficiency, especially in waste management, where we have successfully reached a milestone of diverting 100% of our waste from landfills.

Our commitment

Construct CO2

Construct CO2 aids us in gauging the carbon footprint of our projects. This web-based tool gathers information on all three emission scopes, enhancing our comprehension and enabling us to better manage our environmental impact during operations. Through the Construct CO2 platform, we meticulously record details such as the locations of our staff, visitors, supply chain depots, and projects, along with our energy/utility consumption and waste management activities. This helps us in accurately calculating our CO2 emissions.

We have switched our management fleet to fully electric vehicles

The LMAC Group is advancing its commitment to lowering carbon emissions by transitioning to electric company cars. Our carbon reduction strategy is ambitious, aiming to convert our entire fleet of vehicles to electric by 2025. We are making significant strides in this direction, with over 60% of our fleet already successfully upgraded, with our management fleet 100% electric.

Sustainable Website

Did you know that the internet consumes more power than the whole of the United Kingdom? We have taken steps to ensure that our website runs on sustainable energy only to further lower our carbon footprint.