Community Centre Refurbishment Works for Peabody

Sectors & Key Points

Fire Remedial Works
Interior Fit Out






LMAC Mechanical & Electrical
LMAC Construction
LMAC Fire Systems

Scope Of Work:

Kitchens & Bathrooms
Fire Door upgrades
Damp & mould treatment
Roofing surveys & repairs
External decorations
Asbestos surveys and management
Fire door replacement
Gas Safety

Project Description

LMAC’s recent endeavours in upgrading various community centres across the Peabody stock represent a commendable commitment to enhancing the infrastructure and amenities available to residents. By undertaking a range of improvement and refurbishment works, from essential fire safety upgrades to aesthetic enhancements including new flooring and decoration, LMAC is actively investing in the safety, functionality, and appeal of these communal spaces.

The scope of these refurbishments extends beyond mere physical improvements; it underscores LMAC’s deep-rooted understanding of the vital role that community centres play in fostering social cohesion and well-being.


These centres serve as multifaceted hubs where diverse activities such as children’s parties, festive gatherings, and communal workspaces take place. LMAC’s dedication to ensuring that these spaces are not only safe but also conducive to a wide range of community activities reflects a genuine commitment to enhancing the quality of life for local residents.

How we met the Challenges

Moreover, LMAC’s social value promise goes beyond the realm of construction and refurbishment. By donating practical items like air fryers and fridges and organising community nights and bike sheds, LMAC is actively enriching the fabric of community life. These gestures not only enhance the functionality and convenience of the centres but also foster a sense of ownership and pride among residents, who see these spaces as integral to their daily lives.

Through close collaboration with Peabody and a genuine engagement with the communities they serve, LMAC is not only improving physical infrastructure but also nurturing a sense of belonging and solidarity. Their efforts contribute to the creation of vibrant, inclusive communities where residents can come together, celebrate, and thrive.