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Scope Of Work:

Domestic Smoke alarms
Communal Grade A Systems
Fire Equipment

Project Description

LMAC secured a prestigious 4-year framework agreement with Peabody to undertake electrical fire safety works, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing safety standards. The commencement of this project involved the critical task of upgrading communal area smoke alarms in properties spread across an expansive geographical area in London. Over the course of 12 months, we diligently delivered specialised electrical fire safety services to more than 2500 homes so far, ensuring the protection and well-being of residents.

Our dedicated Resident Liaison Officers (RLOs) played a pivotal role in the success of this endeavour. They served as the primary point of contact for residents within the affected properties, prioritising minimal disruption while effectively communicating project details and ensuring resident satisfaction throughout the process. By fostering clear and transparent communication channels, our RLOs facilitated a seamless transition, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to professionalism and customer-centric service delivery.


Securing access to numerous properties spanning diverse locations necessitated exceptional communication skills and operational efficiency from the Resident Liaison Officer (RLO). This was vital to mitigate logistical challenges and ensure seamless execution of works according to the predetermined schedule.

How we met the Challenges

We strategically grouped locations into batches and developed a contingency plan comprising a list of readily accessible properties to seamlessly transition to in case access was denied on the scheduled day. Our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service significantly contributed to achieving a remarkable 99% satisfaction rate in our key performance indicators (KPIs).