Peabody Legal Disrepair

Sectors & Key Points

Fire Remedial Works
Social Housing


Peabody Housing Group Scope




LMAC Fire Systems

Scope Of Work:

Damp & mould treatment
Kitchens & Bathrooms
Roofing surveys & repairs
External decorations
Asbestos surveys and management
Gas Safety
FRA Remedial

Project Description

LMAC secured a 12-month contract to support Peabody on legal disrepair cases on their housing stock, our process begins with an initial joint inspection of the property to identify all existing maintenance or repair issues. This may include structural problems, plumbing leaks, electrical issues, dampness, mould growth, broken fixtures, or any other issues affecting the property’s condition.

Once identified, all issues are documented and reported in detail on our project management system ONESERVE and uploaded onto Northgate for approval using NHF rates. The documentation is crucial for record-keeping and for establishing a clear understanding of the scope of work required for the remedial works.


LMAC have considerable experience working within similar environments across the Social Housing Sector and are familiar with challenging environments in this work sector. These include the condition of property and environments where the residents are suffering from mental health illness, disability and long-term illness.

How we met the Challenges

Working closely with Peabody’s management and surveyors, our Resident Liaison Officers scheduled in the works to minimise disruption to the residents, being mindful of ongoing legal cases when dealing with the tenants on complex cases.

We had designated contract managers, resident liaison offices, and administrative staff working directly on this contract alongside the client and their residents. Our supply chain, alongside our direct employees, ensured LMAC met the client’s ever-changing demands to ensure all KPIs were achieved.